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As a major international manufacturer of a wide range of high / medium and low voltage switchgear, Johnson & Philips Electric Co.,Ltd serves a vast array of industrial, commercial and utility sectors where the need for safe and reliable power supplies are paramount.

With a highly-skilled workforce of 500 and modern manufacturing facilities in China, we have developed as a reputable manufacturer and supplier of high / medium and low voltage electrical switchgear and electrical distribution solutions.
Johnson & Philips Electric Co.,Ltd is a joint venture of Johnson & Philips Technology Limited of the U.K.and Guangdong Shunkai Electric Group Co., Ltd. of China.
Johnson & Philips Technology Limited of England was established in 1985 and is a reputable supplier and contractor of power distribution equipment, including switchgears, transformers and associated equipment. Its sales network covers many countries and regions in various parts of the world. Its clients include public utilities, infrastructure projects, manufacturing and real estate development.
Guangdong Shunkai Electric Group Co., Ltd., China (SKE) was established in 1984 and is a leading manufacturer of electrical switchgear in China. Thanks to the past ten years of rapid development, the annual sales volume have reached USD60 million in 2009. SKEs product range includes low voltage cubicle switchboard,medium voltage circuit breakers and panels, and associated equipment.

A commitment to research and development has continued to provide us with clear competitive advantages, enabling the introduction of new products which are not only fit for purpose but which offer strong value-for-money benefits. Quality and reliability come as standard, features underpinned by our attention to engineering detail.

In addition, we complement our manufacturing operations with a complete range of customer services including product development,design,installation and maintenance servicing.   

Whether you are an electricity utility, industrial manufacturing or processing company, you will demand the same reliability and safety from your switchgear. We have supplied over 3,000 vacuum circuit breakers and panels to our valued customers throughout the world.  
Our switchgear is in service in power stations, distributions substations, mobile substations, chemical factories, mines, residential buildings, hospitals, airports, docks, sewage treatment plants and drilling rigs.
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